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College Bound Dreams

Parents - College Bound Dreams

The College Bound Dreams Project believes that a supportive family is the one of the most important keys to student success. The College Bound Dreams Project focuses on developing positive and supportive home/school academic strategies in PreK-12. The College Bound Dreams Project specially designs workshops for parents and families throughout the district. femalegradHug_145x145.jpg

 The College Bound Dreams presents Academic Planning and College Preparatory workshops for individual schools, Parent Center Institute, ELAC, CEAC, Council of Councils, Million Father March, AMAE/AEMP Conference and other parent/family/school meetings and events.

Topics include:

  • College and Academic Planning
  • A-G, ICP, IGP
  • Parenting Student Children: Lasting Impressions
  • Positive Parent/Teacher/Counselor Conferences
  • Accessing Resources
  • Alternatives to Bullying
  • Scholarship and Enrichment Opportunities
  • Academic Planning for Students with Special Needs

The College Bound Dreams Project honors families by hosting Student Led Conferences. At the end of the year, students present college/academic portfolios to their parents/families at individual schools prior to culmination.

Schools or parent groups may contact The College Bound Dreams Project to request a workshop.

Contact information: patricia.korn@lausd.net

Contact Information

Patricia Korn
eMail: patricia.korn@lausd.net