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Pupil Services and Attendance

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)


The School Attendance Review Board SARB is a community-based effort to bring together multiple resources to assist families with attendance, truancy and behavior issues so that students will stay in school, attend school regularly and graduate. SARB works to divert students with school attendance or school behavior problems from the juvenile court system by providing guidance and coordinated community services to meet their special needs. When the school has exhausted all resources and a student’s attendance or behavior has not improved, then a family may be referred to a SARB hearing.

Why Does Daily Attendance Matters?

There is a clear connection between student attendance and student performance. Data shows the higher attendance equals higher achievement for all students. Students who attended school between 85 and 100 percent of the time showed gains on the English language  arts (ELA) and mathematics portions of the California Standards Tests (CST).Children who miss school miss out on opportunities to learn, build lasting  relationships, and develop the skills and attitudes needed to become good citizens and valued employees.

Student absences also affect school budgets. Schools and school districts get a significant amount of their funding based upon the number of students who actually attend school each day. This is called Average Daily Attendance (ADA). A potential loss in ADA revenue affects all students because it can lead to budget cuts affecting a variety of programs, teachers, support services as well as individual schools. From July 2011- January 2012, total revenue lost in Local District 8 due to absences was $54, 687, 894.

Mr. Michael Romero, Superintendent of District has a goal of 80 percent of students to be attending school 96 percent of the time. To reach that goal, attendance must be a top priority for administrators, teachers, students, parent and the community. Every day counts!

Remember, all children between 6 and 18 years of age are required by California’s Education Code to attend school.

Please call your school, and request information concerning the SARB process.


Hattie McFrazier, SARB Chair,

Local District 8

(310) 354-3211

Pupil Services and Attendance Resources in Local District 8

Dionne Ash, Coordinator

(310) 354-3209


The Attendance Improvement Program will support schools in achieving attendance improvement targets in kindergarten and ninth grade. Increasing student attendance is a top priority and a critical factor to improve academic achievement. We are committed to engaging parents, students, school staff, and community members toward a common vision of graduation for all students.

Schools in Local District 8 with an Attendance Improvement Counselor:

  • Barton Hill Elementary School
  • Broadacres Elementary School
  • Century Park Elementary School
  • La Salle Elementary School
  • Lomita Math/Science Magnet School
  • Manhattan Place Elementary School
  • Woodcrest Elementary School
  • Carson High School
  • Gardena High School
  • Washington Prep High School

Attendance Improvement Lead Counselor

Local District 8:

Michelle Castelo

(310) 354-3226

Foster Care Unit

Provide comprehensive services to maximize educational achievements, emotional well-being, and social development for all children in out-of-home care.

Contact Person:

La Shona Jenkins

(310) 354-3227

Homeless Education Program

Provide Advocacy and support services to students and families in transition.

Contact person:

Anna Quintero

(310) 354-3228

Neglected or Delinquent Youth Program

The Neglected or Delinquent Youth Program provides instructional and counseling support services to students in group homes and/or are on probation and are transitioning from juvenile detention centers.

Contact person:

Marcia Price

(310) 354-3225

Pupil Services Counselors in the schools (PSA)

Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselors are child welfare advocates who serve as the liaison between school, home and the community. They work with and on behalf of students whose home or community life presents barriers which impede educational progress. PSA Counselors work to ensure equity and access for students to all available educational resources and link students to community resources in order to advance opportunities for success.