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CST Released Questions/Blue Prints “Cut-Ups” General Use

LifesaverCut-Ups combine the key features of the CST Released Questions with the CST Blue Prints to help grade level teams align their instruction to the standards and to serve as a point of reference for professional development and common planning. Cut -Ups are not a “magic bullet” and are not designed to be given to students. They are for teacher use only. The Cut-Ups provide 3 key features to assist in standards alignment and to establish a point of reference for professional development and common planning:


  1. Define the Standards. Cut-Ups help your grade level teams bring clarity to the language found in the written description of each individual standard. The Cut-Ups help define the standards by pairing each test released question with the corresponding written standard. 
  2. Helps Your Team Narrow the Focus.  Cut-Ups help provide your team a starting point in prioritizing the standards. The document is arranged by Reporting Clusters [Strands], and within each Reporting Cluster, the Standards [Sub-Strands] are prioritized in descending order with the Standard with the greatest number of questions identified first. This feature gives your team a point of reference to determine how much instructional time/professional development time/common planning time to allocate to a particular standard.    
  3. Keeps the End Product in Mind. The Cut-Ups keep at the forefront the different ways students must be able to express their knowledge of a standard on the CST. Because the Test Released Questions are paired with the written standards, and all the Test Released Questions are utilized, it provides a constant reminder of the multiple ways which students must express their knowledge of the standards on the CST.


Until the CST is replaced, these Cut-Ups can become an invaluable tool to assist grade level teams in aligning the standards with classroom instruction and in establishing a point of reference for professional development and common planning. 
Download the following CST Cut-Up PDF files

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